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Employees in an office working happily.Joyce E. Smithey is a Frederick employment lawyer who has more than 18 years of experience representing individuals and companies throughout Maryland. If you need experienced legal representation for an employment-related matter in Frederick, MD, contact Ms. Smithey to schedule a confidential initial consultation today.

In Maryland, state and federal laws provide important protections for employees while imposing strict – and often complex – obligations on employers. Employers must exercise due care to ensure that they are providing their employees with safe, fair, and compliant work environments, and when they fail to meet their obligations, their employees are well within their rights to hold them accountable.

Frederick employment attorney Joyce E. Smithey represents employers and employees in Frederick and across Maryland in a wide range of employment and labor law matters. Focusing her practice exclusively on employment and labor law, Ms. Smithey has developed a reputation for being both a trusted advisor to Maryland employers and an unwavering advocate for businesses and individuals in negotiations, administrative hearings, and state and federal litigation.

Legal Representation for Frederick, MD Employers and Employees

Understanding employees’ rights, knowing when those rights have been violated, and knowing how to protect employers’ and employees’ respective interests requires a thorough understanding of the law and the ability to apply complex legal principles to the factual scenarios that arise in constantly changing work environments. A dedicated Frederick employment lawyer, Ms. Smithey relies upon well over a decade of Maryland and federal employment law experience to effectively represent her clients, while seeking to avoid disputes where possible and pursuing quick, efficient outcomes in dispute resolution proceedings and litigation.

Ms. Smithey’s practice areas include:

Statute of Limitations for Employment Matters in Maryland

The amount of time you have to file a claim is controlled by the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations varies based on the type of employment claim you file in Maryland. Generally, you have three years to file a lawsuit in Maryland. And that clock starts running on the date of the initial event that led to the lawsuit.

However, you may have more or less time if a specific law applies.

For example, under Maryland’s Fair Employment Practices Act (FEPA), any aggrieved employee has only six months to file a discrimination claim with the Maryland Commission on Human Rights (the time is extended to two years if the claim involves harassment). Covered claims under the FEPA include claims of employment discrimination based on a variety of protected bases. Protected classes include things like race, color, religion, age, or disability, among others. Charges of discrimination under federal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) must be brought to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission within 300 days of the date of the alleged discrimination.

For claims under the Maryland Wage and Hour Law, which includes matters relating to things like wage deductions, minimum wage claims, compensable time, and overtime, the statute of limitations is three years. Your best option is to consult a Frederick discrimination law lawyer.


Settlements can be a valuable method to resolve your case, especially if you don’t want to wait for the court system to hear and resolve your case. A qualified Frederick employment law attorney will be able to assess whether a settlement is an appropriate option for your claim.


Settlements can be a valuable method to resolve your case, especially if you don’t want to wait for the court system to hear and resolve your case. A qualified Frederick employment law attorney will be able to assess whether a settlement is an appropriate option for your claim.

About Frederick Employment Lawyer Joyce E. Smithey

Attorney explaining the case to his client.Why should you choose Joyce E. Smithey as your Frederick labor lawyer for your employment or labor law matters?

  • Over 17 Years’ Experience in Maryland Employment Law. Joyce Smithey focuses her practice exclusively in the area of employment law. For more than 18 years, our Frederick labor attorney has been representing private employers as well as both private and public sector employees in complex legal matters throughout Maryland. She is a partner at the law firm of Smithey Law Group LLC and leader of the firm’s labor and employment practice.
  • Extensive Knowledge About Claim Prevention and Employee Rights. Representing both employers and employees, our talented Frederick employment lawyer offers a unique perspective that allows her to anticipate legal issues for employers while also vigorously representing clients on both sides of complex employment litigation. Whether you are seeking to reduce your company’s risk exposure or you are an employee whose rights have been violated, Ms. Smithey can provide practical, straight-forward representation tailored to meeting your unique needs.
  • Recognition as a Top Maryland Employment Law Attorney. As a result of her experience and reputation, Ms. Smithey has repeatedly been recognized as one of Maryland’s leading employment and labor law attorneys. This includes repeat selection as a Maryland Super Lawyer as well as inclusion on Baltimore Magazine’s list of Maryland’s Top 50 Women Attorneys. Ms. Smithey and her employment law cases have been featured in various news and media outlets as well.
  • An Authority on Maryland Employment and Labor Law. In addition to her legal practice, our experienced Frederick employment attorney has also taught seminars and law school courses in the areas of employment, and she is a contributing author of the MSBA Maryland Employment Law Deskbook. She also authored the Fourth Edition of the Maryland Rules Commentary and is a regular contributor to The Employee Advocate, the newsletter of the Metropolitan Washington Employment and Labor Lawyers Association.
  • A Committed Advisor and Advocate for Her Clients. Ms. Smithey is a committed advisor and advocate for her clients. As a devoted Frederick employment attorney helping employers throughout Maryland maintain compliant workplaces, and she is passionate about helping employers and employees alike stand up for their legal rights.

Learn more about Joyce E. Smithey’s background and legal experience.

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For employers, precarious circumstances can quickly spiral out of control. As an employee, you only have a limited amount of time to take action, and you may need to follow certain procedures in order to protect your legal rights. As a result, you should not wait to take action. To discuss your situation with our Frederick employment attorney Joyce E. Smithey in confidence, call (410) 919-2990 or request a consultation online today.