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The Tean at Smithey Law Group were extremely diligent and professional. They always made me feel supported, respected, believed and I knew they had my best interest at the forefront of every meeting and communication. The group remained focused and relentless every step of the way. They made me feel like I was their only client.

Their invoices were clear, timely and fair. They have an amazing system that covers all of a clients needs, from billing, paying, engagement and easy systems to navigate.

I highly recommend Smithey Law Group LLC with a special call out to David Moon, Maryo Bittar, Veronica Crambitt, Ben Barlow, Kristen Eisenhart and Reuben Wolfson. They’ll have your back from the beginning to the end of your case, its just what they do.

~ Ddvon1
The team at Smithey, in particularly Timothy Hartman, we’re fantastic. I highly recommend them. Though my case was not big or high profile, and even knowing money was not the primary concern, they gave it the attention and detail that it needed. I am happy with the outcome. I hope I never need this type of counsel again, but if I do, I will definitely be contacting them.
~ Siân Campbell

Very good results, I will recommend Smithey Group.

~ Josyane Kengni

They are wonderful and very supportive in my goals and stuff to help to fight my rights by I was disappointed with FAA goals that they rejected me…

~ Carrie Nicholsen

Smithey law firm is a place of hope for those struggling with unfair employment practices. With their knowledgeable paralegals and attentive attorneys know that your case is in safe hands with them. They helped me win my case after a long battle and I walked away with a substantial amount after everything was said and done. I know who I’ll turn too if this ever happens to me again.

Thank you all at Smithey Law Group


~ Kai Brunner

From the time I called for assistance and every step of the way, I felt completely reassured, and I never worried. Professional, ethical, integrity, and approachable are just some of who they all are. Great law firm, they were recommended by a friend. I am so happy they did.

~ Ellensue Levinson-Jeffers

Joyce and her team have served as my trusted legal advisors since I first met Joyce back in 2016.  Most of our work had been specific to contract reviews and relatively standard legal activities.  That said, when I found myself involved in a completely unexpected employment dispute was when I truly came to appreciate their level of expertise.  Joyce and her team have an attention to detail that others do not.  They studied the details of my case, always suggested several potential courses of action, and ultimately helped bring my case to a positive conclusion. Joyce and her team will treat  you as if you are their most important client…each and every time.

~ Robert Jerome

Met with Mr Tim Hartman this morning concerning the Non compete / solicitation I have with my former employer. I had several document with trick language to review with him. I found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and put me at ease on what my options where. I’m now very comfortable and relieved about how my future looks going forward. I highly recommend The Smithey group Tim Hartman in particular with any employment agreements containing tricky language. You can count on him to provide direction and lay out great options to ease any concerns.

~ Merlin Friend

I highly recommend Smithey Law Group. Their compassion, understanding, and patience while working through my case is unmatchable. Not only did they respect my time, but also my money. I know that my case likely would not have reached the resolution it did, without Smithey Law. I want to thank the whole team that worked on my case but particularly Tim Hartman.

~ Sandy Gray

Smithey Law Group and Ellen Flynn were my voice when no one would listen. Ellen fought for me and gave 100% every day to ensure those who retaliated and discriminated against me were brought to justice. Expert knowledge and outstanding skills that led to justice being served. I am forever grateful for Smithey Law Group and Ellen Flynn!

~ Suzanne Best

Joyce Smithey Law Group helped me with a labor issue.  If he’s available ask to be connected to Reuben Wolfson. Joyce and Reuben know the laws and guided me through some difficult topics.  They made things so simple for me and kept me current on the status of my case as we went through the legal process.  This group has a real human touch and truly fights for the client.

~ Edna Guajardo

I am thoroughly impressed by the staff at the Smithey Law Group. My attorney, Reuben Wolfson, skillfully and respectfully represented me in a dispute against my employer. He is a true advocate who guided me throughout a stressful experience. Through Mr. Wolfson’s professionalism, I was fully informed throughout the entire process and able to freely ask questions as this was my first time involved in such a process. In addition, Reuben possesses exceptional listening and problem solving skills which assisted in a positive outcome for our case. I will highly recommend the Smithey Law Group to anyone in need of representation in the area of labor and employment.

~ Trish Barry-Utzig

Working with Smithey Law group was the best decision for me, to fight a large government organization as an employee with a person with a disability. Ms. Smithey’s team was great. My lawyer, Lisa Walker, was excellent. She was there every step of the way. She made sure I was informed with every legal battle that was thrown at us. Her diligence, excellent of knowledge, she listened, patience, devotion, care, and friendliness made it all victorious at the end. This firm is what you need fighter for what you believe is right for your situation. Ms. Smithey, you and your team, from the front desk ladies, to Rhonda sending my invoice each month, and Reuben filling in for Lisa when needed. I am so happy and please with your legal services. I would use you again if needed. Thank you and God Bless.

~ R. Goodman

I am extremely pleased with the results Attorney Reuben Wolfson was able to obtain while working with difficult people. He was truly my advocate. His approach was amazing, never confrontational. He gives true meaning to the saying, “You catch more flies with honey.”

~ Rosalynne Whitehead

The Smithey Law Group believed in me when no one else would! There were times when I was so overwhelmed I wanted to give up But Reuben, Joyce and the other wonderful staff had my back! I thank you all sooooooo much! I highly recommend this Lawfirm to everyone, anyone who needs a strong, tough force standing beside them in their fight for Justice!!!!!!!!

~ Angellina Johnson

I met with Joyce in a consultation, where I was looking to discuss a specific situation and explore potential next steps. I do not know if the situation will progress to needing to retain Joyce, however, I feel I got exactly what I needed, at present, out of our consultation. I was most impressed by her thorough read of the information I passed along ahead of time, and her ability to absorb the facts and connect them to my situation immediately. This made for an efficient use of time (which is good when time is expensive!) Further, I get the impression that she is a zealous courtroom advocate. I may or may not need to be back in touch with her, but I left with the impression she could competently handle the issues I wanted to speak about.

~ Posted by a client

Joyce is a true professional. I consulted with her regarding a severance agreement (SA) I previously signed without the advice of an attorney, as well as Cobra issues with my previous employer. I could not have picked a better attorney! Joyce is extremely knowledgeable! She explained a possible course of action, chances of bringing a successful case, and my legal rights moving forward. I truly felt that she has my best interest in mind. I did my homework before consulting with Joyce. I would consider her the top employment attorney in Maryland as she truly has the best interest of her clients in mind.

~ Posted by a client

Successfully negotiated my severance package with a former employer. Great personal service. Highly recommend for any employment and labor matters.

~ Anonymous

Joyce is an expert in employment law. She understands both the theory and the practice, what works in reality and what doesn’t. She gave you honest advice based on my best interests. I was impressed with her ability to break down complex legal issues into easily understood concepts without “dumbing it down.” I hope I never need an employment attorney again, but if I do, Joyce will be the one I call!

~ Jennifer

Joyce was a great advisor to me when I was let go from my employer. She always had my best interest in mind and was able to renegotiate my severance. I have recommended her to many colleagues.

~ Stephanie

After consulting three other lawyers, I hired Ms. Smithey and her team to handle my workplace gender discrimination and retaliation case. Ms. Smithey first reviewed my expansive folder of documents and provided a reasonable assessment of our chance of winning. She explained her fee structure clearly and, moreover, believed completely in me. We were a team and I was so inspired by her professionalism. Her writing was thorough and she laid out my case in a manner that demonstrated great understanding of the details in a way that the defendant had to respond to all issues relevant to my matter. So apart from wanting to win, I felt heard. With such demonstrated excellence, Ms. Smithey won all three counts of my case and I was very satisfied with the settlement.

~ Posted by a client

Ms. Smithey represented me in an age discrimination suit against my nonprofit organization employer for almost 20 years. I was 64 and asked to retire early. This is clearly documented in my termination letter and meeting minutes of the organization’s board. Ms. Smithey and her small staff’s extensive experience and talents gave them all the tools they needed to strategize successfully to a fair settlement out of court. They were always accessible and prepared. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others or to seek their counsel myself in the future. Legal challenges are incredibly stressful. Smithey and her staff are sensitive to this and were always thoughtful, showed patience and consideration of my emotional needs. They are a smart and incredibly hard working, efficient and conscientious team–clearly at the top of their profession. I never doubted their representation. Litigation is expensive. Smithey and her team work with their clients to control expenses.

~ Posted by a client

Joyce was excellent for the entire two years she represented me. She was professional, organized, and direct with her communication, which I appreciated. She and her team were always well prepared as they conducted research and utilized resources within the industry to fully understand my case. I always felt that I had her support.

~ Posted by a client

Joyce is an expert at employment law and labor practices, and was integral in my company’s startup. She provided critical advice at the and has been available to provide guidance on short notice. Quite frankly, she’s the leader in her field/practice area. Joyce and her expertise are part of my company’s strong foundation.

~ Kevin Atticks

I attended my initial consultation with Joyce E. Smithey on 06/10/2014…I entered her office, and immediately acknowledged that I was in a super-professional environment…Her friendly and knowledgeable staff impressed as well…I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to seek counsel with Joyce E. Smithey without hesitation…

~ Employment client

Joyce’s a wonderful attorney. I was widowed in 1999 and sued Wal Mart . Few attorneys go against Wal Mart and win, Joyce won. Don’t think I need to say more. One of the best around…

~ Vicki

Ms. Smithey is a very trustworthy and hardworking attorney, whom I respect immensely. She is readily knowledgable about employment law issues and can provide advice while remaining sensitive to her clients’ needs. She has handled my case with the utmost care and attention, which has enabled me to feel confident in the pursuit of this matter. She has provided me with peace of mind during a difficult time, which is what sets a competent attorney apart from the rest. I am grateful to have her as an advisor, and would refer her to my friends and family should they ever require representation.


From the first meeting with Joyce, my company and I felt assured that all potential risks and options were clearly and quickly discussed. More importantly, Joyce possesses a business acumen which yields pragmatic and effective approaches to resolving legal issues. Her ability to connect well with all levels of political and corporate stakeholders limits the sometimes ambiguous nature of addressing legal issues. Joyce is sharp, efficient, and effective and I intend to call on her regularly well into the future.

~ Jim

Ms. Smithey is an honest and caring individual with an excellent team supporting her. From the very start I have been kept informed, asked for my opinion and looked at and treated with dignity and care. Joyce has empathy for what you have been through and knows the law, supporting me. She has given me honest opinions on how to proceed and what risk and benefits are involved. I have only had feelings of trust and am extremely grateful to have Ms. Joyce E. Smithey representing me. I have recommended her to others. If you are considering getting legal representaion it is well worth the time to consult with Ms. Joyce Smithey.

~ Andy

Joyce Smithey skillfully represented me in a year-long dispute against a major employer. My case was deeply complex and demanded an attorney who could work through internecine details. She led the way in compelling our opponents to the table, successfully fending off their attempts to secure a non-disclosure agreement. No mean feat, that!

Joyce Smithey skillfully represented me in a year-long dispute against a major employer. My case was deeply complex and demanded an attorney who could work through internecine details. She led the way in compelling our opponents to the table, successfully fending off their attempts to secure a non-disclosure agreement. No mean feat, that!

~ Ramsey

I went to Joyce when I didn’t think anyone was going to help me with my complex employment case. We sat down and discussed the information, and I provided her backup documentation. From there, she did what she’s great at, and that’s properly conveying the merits of the case to the GC for the company I was working for. In the end, she got me everything I was asking for. I have referred her to several people I know in similar situations because of how satisfied I was with her service.

~ Brian

Joyce represented me in a wrongful termination case against a large national employer which became highly contested due to the award at stake. The case also fell under the rules of a unique industry regulator so she assisted me in adding to our team other qualified attorney’s who were specialists in those regulatory areas. She also regularly reached within her firm to tap into the deep talent pool of her partners which was very beneficial to my case. Her clear understanding of employment law was relied upon regularly by the industry-regulatory attorneys and her contribution resulted in strong and unique pressure being put onto the other party. Pressure that would not have existed without her knowledge and expertise. Her guidance helped lead us to a very favorable outcome in my case.

She was also a strong advocate and personal supporter during the case which was important towards me staying the course and persevering against an employer which is known for never losing in these types of disputes.

~ Posted by a client

Joyce was kind, considerate, and respectful. She worked hard supporting us against an employer who pulled out a high-powered law firm, a judge who did not want to make a precedent-setting decision, and an arbitrator who…let’s say did not do what he originally said he would do. Joyce and her paralegal staff kept us informed every step of the way. Even though the eventual outcome was disappointing, I believe Joyce always had my best interest in mind.

~ Cathy

Joyce came highly recommended and I was not disappointed. Her advice was always straightforward and to the point. She didn’t beat around the bush and gave me real-time advice and direction, never leading me to believe anything that she didn’t actually deliver. She promptly answered my phone calls, responded to my emails, and generally was the ally I needed. When she was unable to respond quickly enough, she directed one of her associates to collect information and pass along instructions. Throughout my legal ordeal, Joyce had my back.

~ Paul

Ms. Smithey was a wonderful lawyer to find for my situation. I unfortunately needed her services for a employment legal battle and she was phenomenal! Her staff was always there able to answer my questions in a timely manner and I never felt out of the loop. They explained all the procedures, approximate wait times for certain paperwork to go through, and gave me her honest and professional advice on what steps to take. I wish I had never needed her services, but was greatly pleased to have found such a professional to be on my side and fighting for my cause.

~ Posted by a client

I turned to Joyce with a subject that was very hard for me to talk about, during a time that was very difficult for me. I was hesitant to pursue legal action, but after talking with Joyce she made me feel very comfortable and confident. The case was a long one, and Joyce was very present and responsive throughout the entire course. To add to the value, Joyce’s paralegal was also phenomenal. Together they made a perfect team. They kept me updated every step of the way. They uncovered loads of information I was not aware of at the start of the process, and they were very respective to my sensitivity regarding the subject of the case. I would, and have, highly recommend Joyce to anyone who may need legal assistance, and wouldn’t hesitate to contact her in the future if I ever have a need. She truly is the best.

~ Karl

I approached Joyce with a case that many attorneys may have been intimidated by. Not only was she not intimidated, she immediately suggested a course of action that I was very comfortable taking. Joyce was diligent in all of her efforts; she made sure my best interests, and the best interests of my family, were considered every step of the way. I would feel comfortable recommending Joyce and her team to anyone who needs their assistance.

~ Posted by a client

Joyce E Smithey was a breath of fresh air!! I was so frustrated, disappointed, and exhausted when I met Joyce. My hopes of finding a complete attorney were almost at rock bottom based on prior experiences. Joyce exuded professionalism and compassion. She treated me like a human being instead of a client with a business proposition. I am an intelligent professional and recognized during our meeting that she is the real deal. A professional job title doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has professionalism. Joyce is very professional and compassionate. Yet very serious about the area of employment law. She is forthcoming and honest. Hiring an attorney with integrity is priceless. Hiring an attorney with integrity is priceless. Repeating that statement was not a mistake. It is worth repeating over and over again. She doesn’t waste your time playing games and/or trying to manipulate you. She is confident yet not arrogant. Most importantly, she knows employment law better than most attorneys in state of Maryland. I have an employment case that most attorneys only understood in bits and pieces and agreed that my rights were severely violated. Joyce understood all of the laws surrounding my case at the initial consultation! I haven’t spoken to another employment attorney in Maryland that knew so much. She actually had a lot of insight to add during the consultation which was unbelievable since most attorneys needed my large stacks of documents to review for weeks before they were able to somewhat discuss my case. I am writing this review simply hoping to help others avoid the many pitfalls and disappointments that I have experienced, which has cost me thousands of dollars, while trying to find an honest, compassionate, and intelligent attorney. I had almost begun to think that I was asking for too much. Many attorneys tried to make me feel as if this expectation was not realistic. Joyce exceeds being honest, compassionate, and intelligent. I don’t even think she charges more for delivering excellence but I haven’t signed a retainer yet so stay tuned. I am writing this review to help clients that have been violated like myself find an extraordinary employment attorney. I feel strongly that Joyce is worthy of these comments.

~ Posted by a client