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Protecting Employees and Employers in the Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Silver Spring, Frederick, Anne Arundel, and Howard County Areas

Joyce E. Smithey is a seasoned Annapolis discrimination attorney who represents employers and employees throughout Maryland in matters involving allegations of discrimination in employment. She also counsels employers in Maryland on EEOC compliance and claim prevention.

State and federal laws prohibit Maryland employers from discriminating against employees who fall into any of a number of different protected classes. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), and various other statutes prohibit discrimination in employment based upon an employee’s age, disability, family responsibilities, genetic status, marital status, national origin, political opinion, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Employers who discriminate can face financial liability and other consequences, and employees who are subjected to discrimination in the workplace are entitled to seek financial compensation for the harm their employer causes. If you believe you were discriminated against by your employer, speak with the skilled Annapolis discrimination lawyers of Smithey Law Group LLC today.

Choose Experienced Maryland Discrimination Attorneys

Attorney Joyce E. Smithey and her team of talented legal professionals bring more than 18 years of employment law experience to representing clients in discrimination-related matters. They have extensive experience in litigation, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) claims, and other administrative matters involving allegations of the workplace and job-related discrimination, regularly representing both employers and employees.

For employers, facing an accusation of unlawful discrimination is an extremely serious matter. For employees who have experienced discrimination, it is critical to stand up for their legal rights. Our experienced Maryland discrimination lawyers are passionate about protecting their clients, and they can use their vast knowledge and experience to help you secure a just outcome in your case.

Examples of Unlawful Discrimination in Employment

The state and federal prohibitions on discrimination apply to all aspects of the employment relationship – from hiring to termination, and everything in between. As a result, Maryland employers must adopt and employ a comprehensive anti-discrimination policy, and they must ensure that their managers and other employees are appropriately trained to avoid making unlawful, discriminatory decisions that can lead to liability. Some of the more common examples of improper discriminatory practices include:

  • Stating or suggesting preferred candidates in a job listing or advertisement
  • Excluding potential employees from the recruitment process based upon their representation of a protected class
  • Denying compensation or benefits to an employee on a discriminatory basis
  • Paying equally-qualified employees in the same position different salaries
  • Applying discriminatory policies when assigning disability leave, maternity leave, or retirement options
  • Denying or disrupting certain employees’ use of company facilities
  • Discriminating when issuing raises or promotions, or when conducting layoffs
  • Harassing an employee based upon his or her race, gender, age, religion, or other protected trait
  • Withholding employment opportunities from an employee based upon his or her relationship with a person of a certain race, religion, or ethnicity

It is also unlawful for employers in Annapolis, Maryland to make assumptions based upon race, gender, or age-related stereotypes, or to assume that an employee is incapable of performing certain tasks or job duties based upon a disability. If you feel that you were denied due to one of the factors above, call our Annapolis discrimination lawyers for advice.

Employees: What to Do if You Have Experienced Job-Related Discrimination

If you believe that you may be a victim of unlawful employment-related discrimination, it is important that you speak with our skilled Maryland discrimination lawyer as soon as possible. For many types of discrimination claims, you must file a claim with the EEOC or another state or federal agency before you can file a lawsuit in court.

There are strict timelines for enforcing your rights, and you do not want to make mistakes that could jeopardize or delay your ability to seek just compensation. With more than 18 years of experience handling employment discrimination claims in Annapolis, Maryland, Joyce Smithey and her team can thoroughly assess your claim and quickly take appropriate action to protect your rights.

Employers: Avoiding Discrimination Claims and Protecting Your Company in Discrimination-Based Disputes

Ms. Smithey represents employers throughout Maryland with respect to compliance, claim prevention, and defense of discrimination-based claims. This includes providing assistance with mandatory EEOC disclosures, training employees on what constitutes unlawful discrimination, appropriately responding to allegations of discrimination in order to avoid further allegations of retaliation, and defending against discrimination claims in administrative matters as well as state and federal court. With experience on both sides of employment discrimination claims, Ms. Smithey and her team offer deep insights for helping employers limit their exposure and mitigate the consequences of their employees’ discrimination claims.

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An attorney handling a discrimination case in Annapolis, MD.If you need to speak with an Annapolis discrimination lawyer about an employment discrimination matter, contact Joyce E. Smithey to arrange a confidential consultation. She is the Managing Partner in the Maryland law firm of Smithey Law Group LLC, and she represents employers and employees throughout Maryland and the D.C. area. To schedule a confidential consultation, with our Maryland discrimination attorneys call us or contact us online today.