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Representation of Public Sector Employees

Also Serving Howard and Anne Arundel Counties, Silver Spring, Columbia, Annapolis, Glen Burnie, and Frederick

Attorney Joyce E. Smithey provides experienced representation for city, county, state, and federal employees throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. With more than 18 years of employment law experience in both the public and private sectors, Ms. Smithey offers deep insights and practical knowledge to help her clients efficiently and effectively protect their legal rights against the government.

As an employee in the public sector, you are entitled to a number of important legal protections. Unfortunately, many government offices and agencies lack appropriate compliance programs, and of course, individual supervisors, managers, and co-workers can all commit acts that violate public sector employees’ rights.

With well over a decade of employment law experience, attorney Joyce E. Smithey helps city, county, state, and federal employees stand up for their legal rights. If you have been harassed or treated unfairly, or if you believe that you may have been improperly denied an employment opportunity, it is important that you hold the government or your other public sector employer accountable. Ms. Smithey regularly represents public sector employees in administrative hearings and in courtroom litigation, and if you have been wronged, she will work tirelessly to make sure you receive a fair outcome.

Experienced Attorney Serving Maryland’s Public Sector Employees

While many of the laws that apply to private-sector employees also protect employees in the public sector, there are also a number of laws that do not apply to public employees. As a result, when seeking legal representation as a public employee, you need an attorney who has specific experience representing clients in claims against public entities. By representing both public and private sector clients, Ms. Smithey is able to take an all-encompassing approach to protecting the rights of public employees.

Ms. Smithey’s public sector practice includes representing:

  • City employees
  • County employees
  • Federal government employees
  • Police and fire department employees
  • Public utility employees
  • Public school employees
  • Maryland state employees

Common Public Sector Employee Claims

If you experienced something at work that you suspect was unlawful, or if you were asked to do something that made you uncomfortable, it is important that you speak with an experienced employment attorney. The following are all common examples of issues faced by public sector employees and job applicants at the local, state, and national levels:

  • Section 1981, Section 1983, and Section 1985 violations
  • Unwarranted workplace searches and privacy violations
  • Whistleblower retaliation and reprisals

These are in addition to the other types of employment matters Ms. Smithey regularly handles on behalf of both public and private sector employees throughout Maryland.

Special Procedures for Filing an Employment-Based Claim Against the Government

State and federal laws require public sector employees to follow special procedures before they can pursue claims against their employers, and many agencies have their own unique requirements that their employees must follow as well. There are also relatively short statutes of limitations that apply to many types of public sector employment-based claims. If you miss any of the deadlines that apply, given your employment and the type of claim that you have, you could lose your ability to seek compensation for your public sector employer’s violation of your legal rights.

As a result, if you suspect that your rights may have been violated, or if you simply are not sure and need help understanding your situation, it is important that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. With offices in Annapolis, Ms. Smithey represents clients throughout Maryland and can take all necessary actions to make sure that your claim is secure.

Dedicated to Serving Public Sector Employees in Maryland

If you work in the public sector, bureaucratic hassles and red tape should not stand in the way of you standing up for your legal rights. Attorney Joyce Smithey knows what it takes to successfully pursue claims against government agencies and other public sector employers, and she is passionate about making sure that her clients’ voices are heard. A violation of your rights should not impact your ability to earn a living doing what you love, and simple mistakes should not prevent you from seeking justice in the face of a legal wrong. To protect your job, your family, and your legal rights, contact attorney Joyce Smithey today.

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