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Silver Spring Employment Lawyer Serving Employers and Employees in Maryland

Silver Spring employment lawyer Joyce E. Smithey provides experienced representation for employers and employees in Maryland. From developing comprehensive compliance programs to vigorously representing clients in employment-related litigation, Ms. Smithey has focused her practice on employment-related matters for more than 18 years.

Employment law is complicated. There is no other way to put it. For employees, knowing when an employer has violated your rights requires a thorough assessment of the facts and circumstances involved in your case – and then, you still need to go through the process of actually enforcing your rights to an administrative agency or in court. For employers, developing a comprehensive compliance program is just the start of the process. As regulations, technologies, and case law change, employers in Silver Spring must maintain an active focus on protecting their interests while first and foremost respecting their employees’ rights.

Silver Spring employment attorney Joyce E. Smithey brings more than 18 years of experience to representing employers and employees. As the city continues its astronomical rate of development, more and more businesses are setting up shop and opening new offices in this thriving community. A dedicated Silver Spring employment lawyer, Ms. Smithey is available to represent new and established businesses in both claim prevention and employment-related litigation, and she provides experienced counsel to employees in the area who need help standing up for their legal rights.

Silver Spring Employment Attorney Joyce E. Smithey’s Areas of Practice

A talented Silver Spring labor lawyer, Ms. Smithey focuses her practice exclusively in the areas of employment and labor law, but within these areas, she maintains a diverse practice devoted to providing full-service representation tailored to her clients’ individual needs. Ms. Smithey regularly represents both employers and employees in Silver Spring and throughout Maryland with respect to the following matters:

While a significant portion of her practice is devoted to administrative matters, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and litigation, our Silver spring labor attorney also has extensive experience working closely with Maryland employers to develop comprehensive compliance and claim prevention programs tailored to their unique business circumstances.

Choose Joyce E. Smithey for Your Employment and Labor Law Needs in Silver Spring, MD

When it comes to labor and employment issues, your choice of legal representation can make all the difference. Here are five facts that you need to know about Silver Spring employment attorney Joyce E. Smithey:

1. She is Experienced.

Ms. Smithey has well over a decade of experience representing employers and employees in employment-related legal matters. Our Silver Spring employment lawyer works with employers across Maryland, and has successfully represented numerous employers and employees in complex employment disputes and litigation.

2. She Has Broad Knowledge in a Narrow Field.

By focusing her practice exclusively in the areas of employment and labor law, Ms. Smithey has been able to develop deep insights into the legal issues affecting her clients. From hiring decisions to terminations, our Silver Spring employment lawyer is well-versed in all facets of Maryland and federal employment law.

3. She is Respected by Her Peers.

Ms. Smithey is well-respected by her peers in the legal community. She is widely recognized for her knowledge of employment law, and she has been named both a Maryland Super Lawyer and one of Maryland’s Top 50 Women Attorneys.

4. She is an Authority on Maryland Labor and Employment Law.

As a result of her extensive experience, Ms. Smithey has become an authority on Maryland labor and employment law. Our knowledgeable Silver Spring employment lawyer authored the Fourth Edition of the Maryland Rules Commentary and was a contributing author of the MSBA Maryland Employment Law Deskbook, and is a regular writer and speaker on employment law topics in Maryland.

5. She Does What is Best for Her Clients.

Above all else, Ms. Smithey is committed to doing what is best for her clients. Whether that means researching the latest developments on a niche issue or aggressively fighting for an employer or employee in court, Ms. Smithey is passionate about making sure her clients are protected.

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If you would like more information about Ms. Smithey’s experience, or if you have questions about a unique employment-related issue, please feel free to schedule a confidential consultation. To speak with Ms. Smithey about your employment or labor law needs in Silver Spring, MD, call (410) 919-2990 or get in touch with her online today.