Joyce Smithey to Speak at the Labor and Employment Section Program at the MSBA Annual Meeting

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Joyce will be speaking at the Labor and Employment Section program at the MSBA Annual Meeting. The program will take place on Friday June 14 from 8 to 10 am. The program topic is:

Marijuana in the Workplace. The program will cover:

  • Maryland’s Drug Testing Law
  • ADA and Maryland law on Accommodations
    • What the law requires with regard to prescription drugs as a comparison
  • The state of Federal and State Laws regarding Marijuana
    • Illegal under Fed.
    • State laws that make recreational use legal and how that impacts an employer’s right to discipline, especially in states with lawful off-duty conduct laws
    • Laws that make medical use legal
      • What the laws say?
      • How they differ
      • Some prohibit retaliation or adverse employment actions
      • How the case law has developed
      • What about Maryland law? What does it require?
      • Preemption arguments?
  • Where do lawyers see the law going?