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What Kinds of Behaviors Are Considered Sexual Harassment?

Most people are aware that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace. But in today’s society, there is some confusion about what types of behavior actually constitute sexual abuse and harassment. Obviously, offensive behavior like...

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How to Deal with an Employee Sexual Harassment Complaint

We live in an exciting age where more and more people are standing up for their rights and demanding equal treatment at home and at work. Equal rights for all is a tremendously positive thing and necessary for our society...

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Can I Be Punished for Complaining About Sexual Harassment?

Making a complaint about any activity in your workplace can cause people to take a moment and think before speaking. Why? Because people are afraid of retaliation. Often, when employees see something that doesn’t seem quite right, their first impulse...

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Steps to Prevent Sexual Abuse in Your Workplace

Business owners today wear many hats and juggle many metaphorical balls. Keeping a business alive and prosperous takes a great deal of time, energy, patience, and passion. And in the modern era, entrepreneurs must deal with issues extending far beyond...

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What Are the Forms of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment was once hidden and sometimes accepted form of discrimination. But due to a number of high-profile cases coming to light over the past few years and the recent #MeToo movement, victims of sexual harassment have found a voice....

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How to Deal with Sexual Harassment from a Coworker

Although sexual harassment in the workplace is nothing new, the fact that it continues to be an issue in America may be surprising to some in the light of things like the #MeToo movement and other high-profile cases of recent...

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