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Joyce Smithey, a seasoned employment and labor law attorney, has over 22 years of experience representing both employers and employees in Maryland and D.C. Her practice, rooted in a deep understanding of employment law, spans administrative hearings to federal litigation. Joyce's approach is comprehensive, focusing on protecting client interests while ensuring legal compliance. A Harvard graduate, her career began in Fortune 500 companies, transitioning to law after a degree from Boston University School of Law. Joyce's expertise is recognized by numerous awards, including Maryland’s Top 100 Women. At Smithey Law Group LLC, which she founded in 2018, Joyce continues to champion employment rights, drawing on her rich background in law and business.

Can I Be Fired If I File a Lawsuit Against My Employer?

Sometimes, businesses, organizations, and agencies engage in practices that violate employment laws. And if you are on the receiving end of unlawful employer actions, you might be asking, “Can I be fired if I file a lawsuit against my employer?”...

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How to Get Out of an Employment Contract

By default, employment in Maryland is at-will. At-will employment means an employer can fire you at any time for almost any reason (or no reason) if you do not have an employment contract that says otherwise. If you are one...

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Can I Sue for Discrimination As a Job Applicant?

Maybe you already know that you have rights against discrimination in your workplace, but what about the discrimination you might encounter while job hunting? Are you asking, “Can I sue for discrimination as a job applicant?” The answer is yes,...

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What Is the Fair Labor Standards Act?

If you want to make sure your employer is treating you properly, one of the first places you should look is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). FLSA sets the minimum wage and hour requirements for many employers across the...

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What Does the Maryland Commission for Civil Rights Do in Employment Discrimination Cases?

We hope you never encounter discrimination in your workplace, but if you do, the government can enforce your rights against a discriminatory employer. You have the option of filing an employment discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission...

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Average Settlement Amounts for a Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Employers have a lot of discretion regarding handling their employees and who to keep in or welcome to their workforce. But an employer’s choices cannot be discriminatory. Employment discrimination on the basis of factors such as race, sex, religion, ancestry,...

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How to Explain Wrongful Termination on a Resume or Job Application

A wrongful termination can sting long after the initial shock, especially if you have to rehash the matter while seeking new employment. If you are wondering how to address a wrongful termination on a resume, on a job application, or...

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Can My Employer Take My Tips from My Paycheck?

If you work in the service industry, you know that your tips can be your bread and butter. And if you don’t know already, your employer generally has no right to keep your tips. Are you looking at your pay...

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How to Deal with Employee Stock Disputes upon Termination

In addition to a regular paycheck, an employer might use several incentives to attract and keep talented individuals in its workforce. A popular method of compensating employees for their hard work is to give stock options in the employer’s business....

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Can Sexual Harassment Happen Outside of the Workplace?

Do not let the name “workplace sexual harassment” throw you off. Unlawful workplace sexual harassment does not have to occur in your office or at your worksite for you to have the right to seek legal relief. Regardless of what...

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